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Orthopedics and Stem Cell Therapy

Orthopedics is a field of study associated with musculoskeletal dysfunction and injury. The musculoskeletal system carries the weight of the body- it isalso crucial for movement. This system is known to be complex and can be damaged easily, particularly as we age.

Among other issues, chronic musculoskeletal pain puts an economic burden on the person suffering, affecting their earning potential and their quality of life.

A common issue in the musculoskeletal system is lower back pain. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the lifetime prevalence of experiencing lower back pain is about 60 percent.

Stem Cell Therapy in New York, Montreal and Toronto

At the New York Stem Cell Treatment Center, we focus on stem cell therapy to treat lower back pain. We also specifically use stem cell therapy for Neck Arthritis Treatment, Hip Arthritis Treatment and to address knee problems as well.

The New York Stem Cell Treatment Center is also committed to advancing the field of regenerative medicine through investigational, patient-funded studies involving patients from New York, as well as Montreal and Toronto. Treatment involves deploying autologous (your own) stem cells back into your body to aid the spine and body to heal itself.


Investigational studies using stem cell treatments are ongoing in the areas of:

  • Spine Disease and Neck Arthritis: Degenerative disk disease and arthritis (cervical spondylosis) occur as a result of disease, injury-and more commonly the aging process. While some spinal conditions are not responsive to stem cell treatment, we are able to employ a proprietary protocol to target and deliver mesenchymal stem cells to arthritic facet joints in the cervical spine. Mesenchymal refers to stem cells able to differentiate, or take on other forms, when reintroduced into your body making it an excellent option for neck arthritis treatment.
  • Back Arthritis: Many people are plagued with lower back pain that is actually arthritis in the spine. There are a number of forms of arthritis that cause stiffness, pain, and inflammation along the spine and in joints. In an outpatient procedure taking approximately three hours, our practice employs an investigative procedure that harvests and redeploys your stem cells close to inflamed or damaged areas along your spine. This procedure is an excellent lower back pain treatment.
  • Knee Problems: The knee is a complex, hinged joint that allows your upper and lower leg to effectively sit, walk, and more. Knee problems often arise with the aging process as connective tissue between the leg’s bones wear start to thin. Individual evaluation is essential to determine candidacy for stem cell deployment for degenerative knee conditions, which can be done through knee injections when suitable.We use platelet rich plasma (PRP) along with stem cell harvesting and deployment in an outpatient procedure that can take up to several hours.
  • Hip Problems: Caused by injury, inflammation, degeneration, or through dislocation, hip pain can be serious and immobilizing. While steroid injections reduce inflammation in the short term, use of steroids is a not a viable, long-term treatment. If you are a favorable candidate for participation in a stem cell study, we harvest and redeploy autologous stem cells in an outpatient procedure. This is a particularly effective procedure for hip arthritis treatment.
  • Elbow and Hand Problems: The elbow, wrist, and hand, are composed of bones, muscle, ligaments, and tissue that make mobility possible. Disabling joint pain can afflict any of these areas, with crippling results. As with treatment for hip procedures, approved candidates in our clinic undergo an approximately three-hour procedure to harvest and redeploy their own stem cells.
  • Shoulder Problems: Two joints allow the three bones of the shoulder to provide us with a wide range of movement and ability. Different forms of arthritis, injury, and the aging process contribute to decreased mobility, inflammation, and shoulder pain. Investigational stem cell treatment for appropriate candidates involves a procedure to harvest, and redeploy stem cells to mitigate symptoms and aid with healing in the shoulder.
If you suffer from chronic muscle and joint pain, and are interested in discussing whether stem cell treatment could be an option for you, please contact us at the New York Stem Cell Treatment Center at (212) 262-2412.

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